Release Notes

Release notes for Edge-LB 1.3

These are the release notes for Edge-LB 1.3.

Edge-LB v1.3.0

Released on February 6, 2019.

Noteworthy Changes

  • Simplify and optimize the HAProxy reload loop.
  • Improve the update strategy for the Edge-LB pool.
  • Bump the SDK version to 0.55.2.
  • Add protection against installing a pool while its previous version is still uninstalling.
  • Improve sidecars runs.
  • Improve integration test coverage.
  • Improve error messages with better logging


  • Expose task without pre-defined mesos-assigned ports
  • Dynamic allocation of the HAProxy STATS port
  • Dynamic allocation of the HAProxy Frontend port
  • Scale down Edge-LB pool instances

Bug Fixes

  • COPS-4272, DCOS-46189 - Edge-LB assets is missing on downloads site
  • DCOS-46043 - Fix Edge-LB API Server’s file comparison functions
  • DCOS-46510 - Edge-LB may create haproxy configuration with duplicate backends
  • DCOS-46837 - Framework scheduler can crash after installing
  • DCOS-48009 - ENVFILE Certificates written in wrong location
  • DCOS-46181 - Integration test does not use artifacts uploaded from its PR

Known Limitations

  • Edge-LB currently does not support Strict security mode on DC/OS 1.10, but supports Strict security mode in DC/OS 1.11.
  • Edge-LB currently does not support self-service configuration. All configuration must be handled centrally.

Known Issues

  • The steps provided in the DC/OS 1.10 web interface to uninstall Edge-LB are incorrect. In order to correctly uninstall Edge-LB for any given DC/OS version, please follow the steps in the Edge-LB uninstall documentation.
  • Edge-LB running on a CentOS/RHEL 7.2 node where /var/lib/mesos is formatted with ext4 may have connection issues.
  • If a pool is configured with invalid constraints, that pool will not be properly created and will not respect pool deletion. It must be removed manually.