Service Guides

Updated: July 18, 2017

DC/OS services are Marathon applications that are packaged and available from the public DC/OS package repositories. Available DC/OS services include Mesos frameworks and other applications. A Mesos framework is the combination of a Mesos scheduler and an optional custom executor.

DC/OS services are created by the community and by Mesosphere.

Versioning Scheme

The service documentation is divided by version. The first part of the version name of a service refers to the release of the DC/OS package of the service. The second part refers to the version of the application in the package. An optional third part, -beta, indicates a service is a beta release. For example, for Beta Cassandra version v1.0.30-3.0.13-beta:

  • 1.0.30 = Release of the DC/OS Cassandra package.
  • 3.0.13 = The version of Cassandra included in the package.
  • beta = The release of the DC/OS Cassandra package is a beta release.