Managing Package Repositories

Updated: March 28, 2017

DC/OS comes pre-configured with the Mesosphere Universe package repository as the provider of DC/OS packages, but other package repositories can also be added.

You can use the web interface or the CLI to:

Tip: Before you can use the CLI, you need to install it.

Listing repositories

To see which package repositories are currently installed, enter this CLI command:

dcos package repo list
Universe: https://universe.mesosphere.com/repo

Searching for packages

To search for packages, run this CLI command:

dcos package search [--json <query>]

For example, this command searches for big data packages:

dcos package search "big data"
spark 1.4.0-SNAPSHOT True https://github.com/mesosphere/universe/archive/version-1.x.zip Spark is a fast and general cluster computing system for Big Data

Adding a Repository

To add a repo, run this command:

dcos package repo add <repo-name> <repo-url>

For example, this command adds a repo named your-repo with the URL https://universe.yourcompany.com/repo:

dcos package repo add your-repo https://universe.yourcompany.com/repo

For full instructions on how to build and run your own Universe repo see the Universe Server Documentation

Removing a Repository

To remove a repo, run this command:

dcos package repo remove <repo-name>

For example, this command removes a repo named your-repo:

dcos package repo remove your-repo