Metrics API

Enterprise DC/OS Preview Updated: June 26, 2017

You can use the Metrics API to periodically poll for data about your cluster, hosts, containers, and applications.
You can then pass this data to a third party service of your choice to achieve informative charts, dashboards, and alerts.

The Metrics API is backed by the DC/OS Metrics component, which runs on all nodes in the cluster.

For examples of how to use the Metrics API, see the Metrics Quick Start Guide.


Access to the Metrics API is proxied through the Admin Router on each node using the following route:


Access to the Metrics API of the agent nodes is also proxied through the master nodes:


To determine the URL of your cluster, see Cluster Access.


The Metrics API request and response bodies are formatted in JSON.

Requests must include the accept header:

Accept: application/json

Responses will include the content type header:

Content-Type: application/json


All Metrics API routes require authentication to use.

To authenticate API requests, see Obtaining an authentication token and Passing an authentication token.

The Metrics API also requires authorization via the following permissions:

Route Permission
/system/v1/metrics/v0/ dcos:adminrouter:ops:system-metrics
/system/v1/agent/{agent_id}/metrics/v0/ dcos:adminrouter:system:agent

All routes may also be reached by users with the dcos:superuser permission.

To assign permissions to your account, see the permissions reference.


The following resources are available under both of the above routes:

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