DC/OS Custom Installation Options

Enterprise DC/OS Updated: June 8, 2017

DC/OS is installed in your environment by using a dynamically generated setup file. This file is generated by using specific parameters that are set during configuration. This installation file contains a Bash install script and a Docker container that is loaded with everything you need to deploy a customized DC/OS build.

The DC/OS installation process requires a cluster of nodes to install DC/OS onto and a single node to run the DC/OS installation from.

Contact your sales representative or sales@mesosphere.io for access to the DC/OS setup file.

GUI Installer

The automated GUI installer provides a simple graphical interface that guides you through the installation of DC/OS. The GUI installer provides a basic installation that is suitabl...

CLI Installer

The automated CLI installer provides a guided installation of DC/OS from the command line. With this method you can choose from the complete set of DC/OS configuration options. Thi...

Advanced Installer

With this installation method, you package the DC/OS distribution yourself and connect to every node manually to run the DC/OS installation commands. This installation method is re...

Uninstalling DC/OS

To remove DC/OS, you must completely reimage the operating system on your nodes. Uninstall will be supported in future releases. For more information, see DCOS-250 and DCOS-192.


Telemetry You can opt-out of providing anonymous data by disabling telemetry for your cluster. To disable telemetry, add this parameter to your config.yaml file during installation...

Configure DC/OS for Proxy

By default the DC/OS Universe repository is hosted on the internet. If your DC/OS cluster is behind a corporate proxy, you must specify your proxy configuration in the configuratio...

Deploying a local package repository

You can install and run DC/OS services on a datacenter without internet access with a local Universe. You can install a local Universe that includes the default packages (easiest),...