Pods enable you to share storage, networking, and other resources among a group of applications on a single agent. You can then address them as one group rather than as separate applications and manage health as a unit.

Pods allow quick, convenient coordination between applications that need to work together. For example, a primary service and a related analytics service or log scraper. Pods are particularly useful for transitioning legacy applications to a microservices-based architecture.


  • Co-located containers.
  • Pod-level resource isolation.
  • Pod-level sandbox and ephemeral volumes.
  • Pod-level health checks.

Quick Start

Prerequisites DC/OS installed DC/OS CLI installed Launching a pod from the DC/OS CLI Create a JSON application definition with contents similar to this example. In this example, we...

Technical Overview

A pod is a special kind of Mesos task group, and the tasks or containers in the pod are the group members. A pod instance’s containers are launched together, atomically, via the ...

Using Pods

You can create and manage your pods via the DC/OS CLI or via the /v2/pods/ endpoint of the Marathon REST API. Using the Pods CLI The following commands are available in the pods CL...


This topic provides usage examples for pods. Annotated simple pod definition This pod, named simple-pod has a single container, simpletask1. The container pulls down an image (pyth...