DC/OS supports allocating GPUs (Graphics Processing Units) to your long-running DC/OS services. Adding GPUs to your service can dramatically accelerate big data workloads. Learn more.

To get started, create a GPU-enabled DC/OS cluster.

After creating a GPU-enabled DC/OS cluster, you can configure your service to use GPUs.

Configure Your AWS Cluster

Prerequisites The AWS DC/OS advanced template system requirements. The zen.sh script copied to your local machine. The script and instructions are here. Create Dependencies Run the...

Limitations and Further Reading

Limitations Unlike other resources, like CPUs, memory, and disk, you can only specify whole numbers of GPUs in your application definition. If a fractional amount is selected, laun...

Configure a Non-AWS Cluster

Follow the steps below to configure a custom DC/OS installation to run on bare metal, virtual machines, or on a cloud. Install the Nvidia Management Library (NVML) on each node of ...