Command Reference

Updated: July 17, 2017

Command Description
dcos Manage DC/OS environment variables.
dcos auth Manage DC/OS identity and access.
dcos config Manage the DC/OS configuration file.
dcos experimental Manage commands that under development and subject to change.
dcos help Display help information about DC/OS.
dcos job Deploy and manage jobs in DC/OS.
dcos marathon Deploy and manage applications to DC/OS.
dcos node Administer and manage DC/OS cluster nodes.
dcos package Install and manage DC/OS software packages.
dcos service Manage DC/OS services.
dcos task Manage DC/OS tasks.


Description Manage DC/OS environment variables. Usage dcos [options] [<command>] [<args>...] Options Name, shorthand Default Description --debug Enable debug mode. --he...

dcos help

Description Display DC/OS CLI help information. Usage dcos help <subcommand> Options Name, shorthand Default Description --help, h Print usage. --info Print a short descripti...