Listing Tasks

Updated: February 16, 2017

The DC/OS CLI allows you to easily view completed tasks.

Completed Tasks

In this example, all completed HDFS tasks are shown:

$ dcos task --completed hdfs
NAME  USER  STATE                      ID
hdfs  root    F    hdfs.6b18a882-00a5-11e5-9926-56847afe9799
hdfs  root    K    hdfs.6eacf2d3-00a5-11e5-9926-56847afe9799
hdfs  root    F    hdfs.71165c45-00a6-11e5-9926-56847afe9799
hdfs  root    F    hdfs.74125e36-00a6-11e5-9926-56847afe9799
hdfs  root    F    hdfs.770e6027-00a6-11e5-9926-56847afe9799
hdfs  root    F    hdfs.7b3bdd38-00a6-11e5-9926-56847afe9799
hdfs  root    F    hdfs.7f698159-00a6-11e5-9926-56847afe9799
hdfs  root    F    hdfs.809b71aa-00a6-11e5-9926-56847afe9799
hdfs  root    F    hdfs.82fe19cb-00a6-11e5-9926-56847afe9799
hdfs  root    F    hdfs.86928b2c-00a6-11e5-9926-56847afe9799
hdfs  root    F    hdfs.8ac02f4d-00a6-11e5-9926-56847afe9799
hdfs  root    F    hdfs.8e54528e-00a6-11e5-9926-56847afe9799