Stable Updated: November 10, 2016

Mesosphere Enterprise DC/OS uses Marathon to manage the processes and services and is the “init system” for the DC/OS. Marathon starts and monitors your applications and services, automatically healing failures.

A native Marathon instance is installed as a part of DC/OS installation. After DC/OS has started, you can manage the native Marathon instance through the Services tab of the DC/OS web interface or from the DC/OS CLI with the dcos marathon command.

You can also create additional Marathon instances for specific groups of users and configure permissions for each group.

Install and Customize

While a native Marathon instance comes installed as a part of DC/OS, you can also create Marathon instances on top of the native Marathon to make separate environments for differen...

Uninstalling a Marathon Instance

From the DC/OS CLI, enter this command: $ dcos package uninstall --app-id=<name> marathon Open the ZooKeeper Exhibitor web interface at <hostname>/exhibitor, where <...