Add a Data Node

Increase the DATA_NODES value from the DC/OS dashboard as described in the Configuring section. This creates an update plan as described in that section. An additional node will be added as the last block of that plan.

Node Info

To view general information about a node, run the following command from the CLI.

$ dcos hdfs --name=<service-name> node describe <node-id>


"journalnode-0": {
        "type": "JOURNAL_NODE",
        "name": "journalnode-0",
        "slave_id": "7f208a37-2127-4a79-9dd2-5a39835d2d4c-S1",
        "id": "journalnode-0__4dc0c7d1-aeb5-4ecb-934f-e0e0f2e46895",
        "hostname": "",
        "state": "TASK_RUNNING",
        "cpus": 0.5,
        "disk_mb": 10240,
        "heap_mb": 2048,
        "memory_mb": 4096,
        "volumes": ["volume"]
Property Type Description
type string The type of the node. This will be one of JOURNAL_NODE, NAME_NODE, or DATA_NODE.
name string The name of the node. This is the name that can be used to reference the node in CLI commands, and it is the display name of the node in the DC/OS UI.
id string The unique identifier for the an instance of the node. This ID is regenerated every time the node is re-launched.
hostname string The hostname or IP address of the DC/OS agent on which the node is running.
slave_id string The identifier of the DC/OS agent node where the node is running.
state string The state of the task for the node. If the node is being installed, this value may be TASK_STATING or TASK_STARTING. Under normal operating conditions the state should be TASK_RUNNING. The state may be temporarily displayed as TASK_FINISHED during configuration updates or upgrades.
cpus number The cpu shares allocated to the node.
memory_mb integer The amount of memory, in MB, allocated to the node.
heap_mb integer The amount of JVM heap, in MB, allocated to the node.
disk_mb integer The amount of disk in MB, allocated to the node.
volume array A list of volumes mounted into the nodes container.