Service Discovery and Load Balancing

DC/OS provides a number of tools out of the box for service discovery and load balancing. Here’s an overview of the options, with some general guidelines on what to use in which situations.

Tool Type When should I use it?
VIPs (Minuteman) A layer 4 load balancer, which can be used for most TCP traffic for any Mesos task within a DC/OS cluster. When you have internal-only TCP services which do not require layer 7 features.
Marathon-LB Marathon-LB is an HAProxy based load balancer for Marathon only. When you require external routing or layer 7 load balancing features. Examples of layer 7 features include: TLS termination, zero-downtime deployments, HTTP sticky sessions, load balancing algorithm customization, network ACLs, HTTP basic auth, gzip compression, and more.
Mesos-DNS Mesos-DNS is a basic DNS-based service discovery tool that works with any Mesos task. When VIPs or Marathon-LB are not adequate, you can use the auto-generated Mesos-DNS names. For example, to discover Marathon-LB you’d use Mesos-DNS by connecting to Marathon-LB with marathon-lb.marathon.mesos. Or, if you have UDP services such as StatsD.