Developing Services

Enterprise DC/OS Updated: October 17, 2016

This section describes the developer-specific DC/OS components, explaining what is necessary to package and provide your own service on DC/OS.

The Mesosphere Datacenter Operating System (DC/OS) provides the optimal user experience possible for orchestrating and managing a datacenter. If you are an Apache Mesos developer, you are already familiar with developing a framework. DC/OS extends Apache Mesos by including a web interface for health checks and monitoring, a command-line, a service packaging description, and a repository that catalogs those packages.


Package Repositories The DC/OS Universe contains all of the services that are installable DC/OS. For more information on DC/OS Universe, see the GitHub Universe repository. All ser...

Service Requirements Specification

Disclaimer: This document provides the DC/OS Service requirements, but is not the complete DC/OS service certification. For the complete DC/OS Service Specification, send an email ...

CLI Specification

This document is intended for a developer creating new DC/OS CLI commands. See also the DC/OS Service Specification. The DC/OS CLI You can install the DC/OS Command Line Interface ...