Using Containerizers

Updated: July 17, 2017

A containerizer is a Mesos agent component responsible for launching containers, within which you can run a service. Running services in containers offers a number of benefits, including the ability to isolate tasks from one another and control task resources programmatically.

DC/OS supports the Mesos containerizer types:

Original Mesos Containerizer

The Mesos Containerizer is the original container runtime in Mesos. It does not support Docker containers, though it supports a range of isolators that can be composed to create a ...

Docker Containerizer

Use the Docker containerizer if you need specific features of the Docker package. Refer to the features matrix to see if the Docker containerizer is the correct choice for your tas...

Universal Container Runtime (UCR)

The Universal Container Runtime(UCR) extends the Mesos containerizer to support provisioning Docker container images (AppC coming soon). This means that you can use both the Mesos ...