Connecting to Multiple Clusters

You can connect the CLI to multiple DC/OS clusters at the same time by using the DCOS_CONFIG environment variable. With this variable you can specify a terminal-specific CLI configurations.

This variable only affects the terminal you are currently connected to. After you end the terminal session, the configuration is removed and your default configuration remains.

Recommendation: Make a back up of your default CLI configuration file (dcos.toml) before connecting to multiple clusters. By default, this file is located in /<home-directory>/.dcos/dcos.toml. You can use this file as a template for additional configurations.

  1. Create a cluster configuration file and save to a unique location (e.g., /dcos-config/dcos-alice.toml). The file type must be .toml.

    Tip: You can use the default configuration file (dcos.toml) as a template.

  2. Open a terminal and run this command to connect a cluster, with the path to your cluster configuration specified (path/to/dcos/config):

    export DCOS_CONFIG=path/to/dcos/config

    For example, to connect to a cluster config located in /<home-directory>/dcos-config/dcos-alice.toml run this command:

    export DCOS_CONFIG=~./dcos-config/dcos-alice.toml
  3. To disconnect from a cluster, close the terminal session or run this command:

    unset DCOS_CONFIG