Advanced DC/OS Installation on AWS

Enterprise DC/OS Updated: October 17, 2016

The advanced AWS CloudFormation templates bring power and flexibility to creating and extending DC/OS clusters. With these templates you can choose from the complete set of DC/OS configuration options.

  • Instantiate a complete DC/OS cluster on an existing VPC/Subnet combination.
  • Extend and update existing DC/OS clusters by adding more agent nodes (formerly slave node).

The templates are used together in conjunction to create a DC/OS cluster. The templates are driven by parameters that AWS CloudFormation uses to create each stack.

System Requirements

Hardware An Amazon EC2 m3.xlarge instance. Selecting smaller-sized VMs is not recommended, and selecting fewer VMs will likely cause certain resource-intensive services, such as di...

Quick Start Guide

You can quickly get up and running with the advanced DC/OS templates. Prerequisites See the AWS DC/OS advanced template system requirements. Launch your cluster Create your depende...

Installing Using a Custom AMI

You can use customized Amazon Machine Images (AMI) based on CentOS 7, CoreOS, and RHEL to launch DC/OS with the advanced templates. A custom AMI can be used to integrate DC/OS inst...

Generating Custom AWS CF Templates

You can create custom CloudFormation advanced templates for DC/OS. You can then deploy and run DC/OS from your own private S3 bucket. The custom templates are created from the DC/O...

Template Reference

These advanced template parameters are specified in the individual JSON files. During DC/OS installation these template files are used to generate a customized DC/OS build. Contact...