Installing DC/OS on production-ready clusters

DC/OS is installed in your environment by using a dynamically generated configuration file. This file is generated by using specific parameters that are set during configuration. This installation file contains a Bash install script and a Docker container that is loaded with everything you need to deploy a customized DC/OS build. The Docker container contains all of the elements for DC/OS so it can be used for offline installation.

The DC/OS installation process requires a cluster of nodes to install DC/OS onto and a single node to run the DC/OS installation from. For fully functional clusters on any infrastructure including on-premise, public or private clouds, follow the Production installation instructions. The Production installation method was previously called Custom installation.

Access DC/OS Configuration File

  • For installing DC/OS Enterprise Edition contact your sales representative or You can access the DC/OS configuration file here. Enterprise

  • You can download the most recent, stable, open source DC/OS generation configuration file here or find older versions of the file on the open source project website. Open Source