Cloud Installation Options

Cloud installation for demos and proofs of concepts

The cloud installation method is used to test or demo DC/OS on Azure, AWS, GCE, Digital Ocean, or Packet. These clusters cannot be upgraded. DC/OS CloudFormation templates are intended for reference only and are not recommended for production use due to the following limitations:

  • CloudFormation does not allow for coordinated zero-downtime in-place updates within Auto Scaling groups.
  • CloudFormation does not allow for automated zero-downtime replacement of Auto Scaling groups.
  • Replacing DC/OS agent nodes requires manual data migration of local storage volumes for stateful services.
  • Updates of DC/OS on AWS CloudFormation have not been automated, validated, or documented.
  • Modified CloudFormation templates are not supported by Mesosphere, Inc.

You can use the Production Installation methods to install a fully functional cluster.

Note: The cloud installation methods are not officially supported by Mesosphere, but are supported by the DC/OS community. Contact the mailing list or Slack channel for community support.