Installing DC/OS for evaluation on cloud or on-premise infrastructure

This page supports both DC/OS OSS (default) and DC/OS Enterprise installation methods. You can evaluate the installation of DC/OS cluster based on your requirements.

Note: The following installation methods are not officially supported by Mesosphere, but are supported by the DC/OS community. Contact the mailing list or Slack channel for community support.

Types of installation methods

Use the following installation methods based on your requirement.

Cloud Installation

The cloud installation method is used for fast demos and proofs of concept.

DC/OS CloudFormation templates are intended for reference only and are not recommended for production use, due to the following limitations:

  • CloudFormation does not allow for coordinated zero-downtime in-place updates within Auto Scaling groups.
  • CloudFormation does not allow for automated zero-downtime replacement of Auto Scaling groups.
  • Replacing DC/OS agent nodes requires manual data migration of local storage volumes for stateful services.
  • Updates of DC/OS on AWS CloudFormation have not been automated, validated, or documented.
  • Modified CloudFormation templates are not supported by Mesosphere, Inc.

The following methods are used to install DC/OS:

Note: The recommended way to install production ready DC/OS that can be upgraded in-place is to use the production installation method.

On-premise Installation

On-premise installation uses various methods to install DC/OS.