Installing DC/OS for development and testing

The following tools automate the local installation of DC/OS for development and testing:

  • DC/OS Vagrant - DC/OS on virtual nodes using Vagrant and VirtualBox
  • DC/OS Docker - DC/OS on containerized nodes using Docker

There are several reasons why you might choose one over the other:

  • DC/OS Vagrant works on Windows, Mac, or Linux, while DC/OS Docker requires Mac or Linux.
  • DC/OS Docker is substantially faster to deploy (~5 minutes vs ~15 minutes).
  • DC/OS Vagrant more accurately simulates a real cluster by designating resources allocated to each node, while DC/OS Docker allows over-subscription of your machine resources.
  • DC/OS Docker is more stable across releases, because it only requires Docker, rather than both Vagrant and VirtualBox.

To use DC/OS Enterprise with either tool, contact your sales representative or to obtain the DC/OS Enterprise Installer. Enterprise