dcos job

Deploying and managing jobs in DC/OS


Deploy and manage jobs in DC/OS.


dcos job


Name, shorthand Default Description
--help, h Print usage.
--info Print a short description of this subcommand.
--version, v Print version information.

Child commands

Command Description
dcos job add Add a job.
dcos job history Show the job run history.
dcos job kill Kill the job.
dcos job list Show all job definitions.
dcos job remove Remove jobs.
dcos job run Run a job now.
dcos job schedule add Add a schedule to a job.
dcos job schedule remove Remove a job schedule.
dcos job schedule show Show a job schedule.
dcos job schedule update Update a job schedule.
dcos job show Show the job.
dcos job show runs Show the successful and failure status of job runs.
dcos job update Update a job.