dcos cluster

Managing connections to DC/OS clusters


This command manages connections to DC/OS clusters.


dcos cluster


Name, shorthand Default Description
--help, h Print usage.
--info Print a short description of this subcommand.
--version, v Print version information.

Child commands

Command Description
dcos cluster attach Attach the CLI to a connected or linked cluster.
dcos cluster link (DC/OS Enterprise only) Link a cluster to another cluster.
dcos cluster list List the clusters that are connected to the DC/OS CLI.
dcos cluster remove Remove a cluster from the DC/OS CLI configuration.
dcos cluster rename Rename a cluster in the DC/OS CLI configuration.
dcos cluster setup Connects, authenticates, and attaches the DC/OS CLI to a DC/OS cluster. Combines dcos config set core.dcos_url, dcos auth login, and docs cluster attach.
dcos cluster unlink (DC/OS Enterprise only) Unlink a cluster from another cluster.