Administering Clusters

Learn how to administer clusters, manage agent nodes, and secure your installation.

DC/OS makes it easy to set up and manage clusters.

SSHing into Nodes

Learn to set up an SSH connection to your DC/OS cluster from an outside network.…Read More

Finding a Public Agent IP

Learn to find a public agent IP address.…Read More

Multiple Clusters

Using DC/OS to manage multiple clusters…Read More

Component Management

Installation and management of DC/OS component services…Read More

Backup and Restore


Backing up and restoring the native Marathon instance of your clusters…Read More

Securing a Cluster

Understanding the security features in DC/OS…Read More

Managing AWS

Learn to scale your AWS cluster or change the number of agent nodes.…Read More

Managing Package Repositories

Learn to use the web interface or CLI to manage your package repositories.…Read More

Converting Agent Node Types

Learn to convert agent nodes to public or private agent nodes.…Read More

Adding Agent Nodes

This section shows you how to add agent nodes to an existing DC/OS cluster.…Read More

Replace a master node


You can replace a master node in an existing DC/OS cluster. Only one master should be replaced at a time.…Read More

Updating Nodes

Learn to update agent nodes in an active DC/OS cluster.…Read More

Shut Down and Decommission Nodes

Learn to shut down and decomission agent nodes.…Read More

Recovering Agent Disk Space

Learn to recover space on an agent node volume.…Read More

Deploying a Local Universe

Learn to install and run DC/OS services on a local Universe datacenter…Read More



Administer your cluster in conformance with your license requirements.…Read More