This is a small collection of introductory tutorials aimed at understanding the basics of operating DC/OS.

DC/OS 101

This DC/OS 101 tutorial will guide you through the steps necessary to get started using DC/OS.…Read More

Creating and Running a Service

This tutorial shows how to create and deploy a simple one-command service and a containerized service using both the DC/OS web interface and the CLI.…Read More

Running Stateful Services on DC/OS

A stateful service acts on persistent data. Simple, stateless services run in an empty sandbox each time they are launched. In contrast, stateful services make use of persistent volumes that reside on agents in a cluster until explicitly destroyed.…Read More

Deploying a Load-Balanced Data Pipeline

This tutorial demonstrates how you can build a complete load-balanced data pipeline on DC/OS in about 15 minutes!…Read More

Autoscaling with Marathon

IMPORTANT: Mesosphere does not support this tutorial, associated scripts, or commands, which are provided without warranty of any kind. The purpose of this tutorial is purely to demonstrate capabilities, and it may not be suited for use in a production environment. Before using a similar solution in your environment, you should adapt, validate, and test.…Read More

Deploying Marathon Apps with Jenkins

This tutorial shows how to deploy applications on Marathon using Jenkins for DC/OS. We’ll walk you through creating a new Jenkins job, publishing a Docker container on source code changes, and deploying those changes to Marathon based on the application definition contained in the project’s marathon.json file.…Read More

Labeling Tasks and Jobs

This tutorial illustrates how labels can be defined using the DC/OS web interface and the Marathon HTTP API, and how information pertaining to applications and jobs that are running can be queried based on label value criteria.…Read More