dcos job show runs


Show the successful and failure status of job runs.


dcos job show runs <job-id> [OPTION]


Name, shorthand Default Description
--json Print JSON-formatted list.
--q Print an array of run IDs only.
--run-id <run-id> The ID of a job run.

Positional arguments

Name, shorthand Default Description
<job-id> Specify the job ID.

Parent command

Command Description
dcos job Deploy and manage jobs in DC/OS.


Show the run status

In this example, the successful runs for a job are shown.

dcos job show runs my-scheduled-job

Here is the output:

JOB ID            ID                            STARTED AT           
my-scheduled-job  20170218001959YVKlq  2017-02-18T00:19:59.417+0000  
my-scheduled-job  20170217230705AfpRn  2017-02-17T23:07:05.218+0000